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Tersma Co., Ltd. is a sailboat hardware manufacturer, offering innovative design, premium quality and well performance in the sailboat hardware categories.We are committed to providing our customers with latest innovations and trends in performance sailboat hardware to enhance sailors' sailing experience.

Make the best products

We are a design and manufacture company- it’s in our blood. Our products must be beautifully crafted, well functioned and quite literally the best in their category. We request our products with the highest standard and keep pursuing this high bar to create the wonderful product experience to our customers.


Treat our customers as pEERs

We learn from our customers- We pop up ideas and tell them what we are trying to do. When we are in the wrong direction, our customers correct us and point the right way to us. When we screw up, we admit it and fix it. We welcome all voices from our customers whether it is good or bad.

Meet customer expectations

At Tersma, we continue to provide true sailing joyfulness by providing our customers with premium quality products, price advantages, and good customer services. We believe that great customer satisfaction is the key to success the of effectively pursuing our mission. It doesn’t mean sales is not important; it’s just we care about our customers more.


The mission is our way that we have been doing since the beginning of this company and we mark it, both in and our of work. We hope you feel the same passion when using our products.